Patient Responsibility

We expect you to provide us with your child’s and your family’s medical history, as well as information about any care they obtained outside of our Practice to include current medications (prescribed and OTC), recent test results, visits to other doctors and health care providers, behavioral health services, hospitalizations, and emergency department visits. We also expect you to update your demographic information upon any changes. We encourage you to actively participate in your child’s care by bringing a list of questions to each Well Child appointment, learning about their conditions and following any established care plan that you and the medical team agree upon. If you do not understand something your medical team says, ask for them to explain it in a different way. Talk openly with your care team about your experience so that we can keep making your child’s care better.

Patient Centered Medical Home


We provide comprehensive pediatric care from birth to 21 years: Acute Illness, ADD/ADHD, Allergies, Minor broken bones, Lacerations, Prenatal consultation, after hours calls with the doctor, School & Sports Physicals, Obesity, School Problems, Asthma, Eczema, Behavioral problems, Developmental problems, Chronic illnesses in collaboration.


Preventive care is a crucial part of your child’s total health care. Well-child check-ups help to evaluate & monitor your child’s growth and development. These visits are important, even when your child is healthy. They are crucial in making sure your child is growing and developing properly, and to provide any needed services before the time frame for mitigation has passed.


Immunizations are discussed and given (if appropriate) at the Well Child visit. We follow the American Academy of Pediatrics Guidelines for the schedule of these well visits and immunizations.